The Future is American Palm Oil

Daabon’s American Palm Oil (Ampo) is your best solution for a high-performing liquid vegetable oil.

Daabon is a third-generation, family-owned company that has made a name for itself in the sustainable palm oil industry. With a long history of sustainable practices and innovation, the company carries certifications like Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and USDA certified organic. Now, Daabon has expanded their standards to a completely new type of palm oil: American Palm Oil.

American Palm Oil, commonly referred to as Ampo, represents a natural, non-GMO hybrid derived from the African palm tree (guineensis) and the indigenous Latin American palm tree, distinct from the traditional source of palm oil. Functioning as an innovative liquid vegetable oil, Ampo offers versatility in bleached, refined, deodorized, and fractionated formats, catering to a wide range of applications. With enhanced oxidative stability, a high smoke point, reduced saturated fat content, prolonged shelf life, and heightened efficiency in land use compared to alternative vegetable oils, Ampo stands out as a natural solution across diverse industries. Delve further into the following sections to explore the exceptional attributes that differentiate Ampo in the market.

Price competitive and supply consistency
If the last few years have shown us anything, it is that a steady supply chain is priceless. Ampo offers cost savings and an impressively stable supply chain.

  • Like African palm, American Palm Oil is a tropical crop that is continuously harvested year-round. Seed oils like soy, canola and sunflower have growth restrictions, and are susceptible to crop failure from poor seasonal harvest that strains supply chains.
  • Ampo is a better value per pound than other fry oils and generally offers cost savings over other vegetable oils. It can easily be blended with other oils for premium performance at competitive pricing.
  • Ampo offers a long shelf life, making it a great choice for production planning in advance.

Health benefits
Research from the 2023 Nutrition Business Journal Trends and Innovations Report shows that consumers are interested in products that support a healthy diet, especially products listed as ‘clean label.’ Ampo supports both trends.

  • Ampo is lower in polysaturated fatty acids—the fatty acids known to generate inflammation in the body—than other vegetable oils. It’s even lower in saturated fat than standard palm oil or coconut oil.
  • Ampo is clean label. Because it is naturally stable at high temperatures, there is no need to include additional stabilizing additives. It is also naturally non-GMO.
  • Naturally trans-fat free and soy-, peanut- and coconut-free, Ampo is a great choice for healthy lifestyle focused, allergen-free products.

Daabon’s products are created with sustainability in mind, from the fields to the processing plants, and Ampo is no exception. Brands can count on Ampo to carry the same sustainability characteristics of traditional palm oil, but with added benefits that make it more appealing.

  • Ampo has a notably higher crop yield and offers more biodiversity per hectare than seed oils.
  • Farming Ampo allows for the land to be undisturbed for 30-plus years. Keeping the soil undisturbed restores the balance of the soil and prevents erosion, while also retaining moisture.
  • Daabon is top ranked worldwide for sustainability based on the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) standards.
  • By 2050, the world will need 80 million extra tons of vegetable oils. Ampo can meet this demand by using a fraction of the land that other vegetable oils require. For example, soybean oil uses 6 times more energy, 14 times more pesticides and 7 times more nitrogen than palm oil.

Community Empowerment
Daabon thinks of its employees as part of the family, creating opportunities for its people and communities that go beyond work. This is shown in the many ways that Daabon is committed to empowering its farmers and workers and investing in long-term community development.
Ampo is unique in that it requires human labor to pollinate the trees and harvest the fruits, allowing Daabon to offer employment to thousands of people in its local communities. While often left out of traditional palm farm employment opportunities, Ampo pollinators are often women. This supports a diversified income that strengthens families and communities.

From performance to price, Ampo offers impressive benefits for a variety of applications. Contact info@daabon.usa for more information.