About us


Daabon has been growing palm and producing organic and sustainable palm oil in Colombia for 100 years. We are committed to producing the highest quality agricultural products in a way that does right by people and the environment.

“We must take care of what we have and care for nature. Nature is life.”

At Daabon we are nature lovers. We were the first organic palm oil company to be certified sustainable by the Rainforest Alliance. Our operations meet and exceed the environmental, social and economic criteria established by the Rainforest Alliance.

"Sustainability is a key component of Daabon’s corporate mission."

Daabon considers social responsibility to be another key aspect of its responsible business model. For example, it supports many family farmers, teaching them how to grow palm in addition to their other crops (such as fruit and cacao), and supporting them in attaining third-party certifications, which allows them to earn a premium through access to international markets.