Palm, A Plant-Based Ingredient

Palm oil is positioned to serve the next generation of plant-based products. Here's why.

“Booming” isn’t a strong enough word to describe the plant-based category.

Yes, plant-based is growing at upwards of 20% per year. And yes, 60% of trendsetting Gen-Zers say they want to eat more plant-based foods, according to the Plant Based Foods Association. But as products featuring the “plant-based” claim grew 67% between the Natural Products Expos in 2017 to the Natural Products Expos in 2019, the more appropriate word to describe plant-based growth would be “meteoric.”

Choosing Palm Oil, A Plant-Based Ingredient

Taste, health and sustainability are top reasons consumers of all ages, demographics and locations embrace plant-based eating. Over half of consumers say they choose plant-based foods for the taste (cue the coconut milk ice cream!), while according to the Plant Based Foods Association 40% eat plant-based ingredients for health reasons such as lowering cholesterol, on the advice of their doctor due to a health event or to achieve general wellness.

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