Miss Jones and Daabon

Partners in delicious, sustainable baking ingredients

Miss Jones is a leader in the baking aisle, transforming a category that is short on innovations and woefully reliant on artificial ingredients. After trying every baking mix and frosting on the market and finding that none compared to the taste of homemade—nor had ingredients that could be recognized or pronounced—Sarah Jones was inspired to do something not seen before. Enter Miss Jones Baking Co, a revolutionary line of baking mixes and frostings that are organic, free of artificial flavors and hydrogenated oils and, perhaps most important, 100% responsibly sourced.

At Miss Jones, the team wants its customers to truly feel good about what they serve to those they love. This means not only healthfulness of ingredients but the health of the planet, too. This is a similar approach and commitment as Daabon, which is taking the lead globally in re-inventing the palm oil industry, making it sustainable and beneficial to all. Palm oil is one very important ingredient that stands out at Miss Jones. Here, Miss Jones Founder Sarah Jones shares her vision.

Tell us about your palm oil ingredient

Sarah Jones: We decided we needed to use palm oil to maintain shelf stability in our product, but were initially concerned due to the environmental and social issues the industry has.

How did this lead you to Daabon?

SJ: We wanted a certified organic palm which is how we learned about Daabon. We source only from sustainable palm oil producers, through a partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.

Additionally, Miss Jones’ mission proudly states that Daabon is the only vertically integrated palm oil supplier globally, so products are completely traceable from seed to final product.  Furthering this commitment, the Rainforest Alliance seal promotes action for people and nature. It amplifies and reinforces the beneficial impacts of responsible choices, from farms and forests all the way to the supermarket check-out.

What happened next?

SJ: We actually went to visit [Daabon’s] facilities and headquarters in Colombia to learn more and walked away feeling incredibly fortunate that we could partner with a palm oil company with such an incredible commitment to sustainability, the environment and their employees and community.

Daabon encourages these meetings, realizing that this ability to get up close and experience sustainable palm first hand is so important for its customers. We were so grateful to have Miss Jones for a visit.

Why do these commitments to sustainability matter so much, especially now?

 SJ: This is especially important now because Daabon truly protects farmers, while other companies do not. Palm oil cultivation continues to create environmental and social issues in many parts of the world where governments and producers have not required the same protections employed by the government of Colombia and Daabon. Palm oil that’s sustainable can help provide a sustainable living for farmers and the community.

 Daabon is honored to work with Miss Jones Baking Co and all of our valued customers. Our international team is focused on providing high-quality customer service, with a commitment to long-term relationships based on shared values around quality, sustainability and responsibility. Together with our customers like Miss Jones Baking Co and many others we are stronger in changing the future of palm!