Daabon: Prosperity for people and planet

With sustainability integrated into every step of our palm oil production, Daabon is committed to improving the lives of everyone who interacts with the company.

Innovating sustainable palm oil production, Daabon sets a benchmark in the industry by ensuring that palm oil, a ubiquitous ingredient found in numerous products from personal care items to packaged foods like pizza dough and lipstick, is produced with utmost consideration for people and the planet. A closer look reveals the widespread use of palm oil, underscoring the imperative need for sustainability in its production. According to the World Wildlife Fund, over half of the packaged products in the United States contain palm oil. This underscores the crucial need to scrutinize labels for sustainably produced palm oil. Daabon, a third-generation family-owned company, possesses Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification and is also USDA certified organic. For Daabon, being a sustainable palm oil producer entails not only integrating sustainability into every stage of production but also positively impacting the communities and regions where palm is cultivated and processed.

To delve deeper into how Daabon is pioneering responsible palm oil production, weinvite you to explore our detailed guide. Download our comprehensive guide on Daabon’s Leadership in Responsible Palm Oil Production, which provides an in-depth look into our practices, commitments, and the positive impact we’re making in the industry.

Sustainability includes people

From its inception, Daabon was founded on the principles of solidarity and responsibility. “Our strategic goal has always been to grow through the encouragement of human development for our communities,” shares Daabon CEO Manuel Julian Davila. “Our family takes pride in its reputation as ethical and reliable business owners, which we’ve earned by treating our customers, our employees and our neighbors fairly. That’s because we recognize that we’re a part of a community, both locally and globally.”

This ethos extends to the individuals involved in the harvesting and production of palm oil, as Daabon remains dedicated to empowering its farmers and workers while also investing in sustainable, long-term community development. At Daabon, employees are regarded as an integral part of the family, and this commitment extends beyond the workplace. Daabon has established a Women’s Education Center, a Music Outreach Program and even a Microlending Program, all aimed at providing opportunities for employees to become entrepreneurs and enhance their lives.

In 1999, Daabon initiated “Las Alianzas” (The Alliances), a partnership program designed to promote peace and economic prosperity in the farming communities where Daabon operates. As the first company in Colombia to commit to purchasing sustainable palm from small landholders, this program offers local farmers comprehensive support for cultivating their crops and entering the palm oil market.

From the dedicated farmers responsible for planting and tending the palm trees, to the skilled mill workers and technicians involved in oil extraction and refinement to the discerning consumers who choose products made with Daabon palm oil, Daabon remains steadfast in its commitment to improving the lives of all those who engage with the company and the products it delivers.

Planet-friendly production

Daabon is a pioneering force in the palm oil industry, dedicated to leading the way in sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Our mission goes beyond averting environmental harm; it actively seeks to enhance the health of natural ecosystems and our planet. We enforce strict greenhouse gas limits, maintain 100% deforestation-free operations and preserve peatlands as vital carbon sinks. As a USDA certified organic business, we refrain from using toxic chemicals in palm farming, ensuring a healthier environment for both the land and its caretakers. Daabon’s dual certification as RSPO and organic eliminates the use of harmful chemicals, safeguarding those involved in palm cultivation and championing sustainability in the industry.

Daabon’s Colombian palm oil mill is a testament to the company’s planet-protecting ethos. A methane-recapture plant captures and treats any wastewater created, purifying the water and creating a renewable biofuel that feeds energy back into the grid and powers the mill itself. Thanks to these initiatives, Daabon successfully achieved its goal of carbon neutrality across all aspects of its global production process in 2015. Today, as a signatory of The Climate Pledge, Daabon is committed to having net zero carbon emissions by 2040, exemplifying its ongoing commitment to combat climate change.