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Getting To Know Daabon

Planet. People. Product. For Daabon, building a business based on integrity is about focusing on these three tenets. A third-generation family-owned palm producer in Colombia, Daabon is leading the way in sustainable palm, to better the future of its business, as well as the industry as a whole. By focusing on sustainability, Daabon is changing the palm conversation and using its business model to ensure responsible palm is the future of palm.

“Integrity is at the core of all aspects of our business,” says Esther Meima, Sales Director at Daabon USA. “We are cofounders of the Palm Oil Innovation Group (POIG) and work along with Greenpeace, WWF and the Rainforest Action Network to encourage the industry to move toward more sustainable practices. It is important for us to pave the way and show this is possible to do” says Meima, “and you don’t need to give up functionality to source a sustainable product.” In fact, for Daabon, sustainability is the path to prosperity. By protecting the future of the planet, Daabon ensures the future success of palm for generations to come.

Adhering to the principle that palm oil can be a force for good, Daabon was the first palm oil company to be certified organic, and also the first organic palm producer to obtain Rainforest Alliance certification., Daabon has also been one of the top ranked companies in the world by the Zoological Society of London five years in a row for transparency in responsible palm production. “Our sustainable palm production program is very complex and comprehensive,” says Meima of a vast program that includes a vertically integrated business model (including ownership of the farms, extraction process, refinery and distribution), a methane recapture program, the largest composting facility in Colombia and a commitment to biodiversity. These values are what customers want and answering this call is what sets Daabon apart. “Our customers want to know exactly where it [the palm] comes from and the story behind it. They want to visit it. They are interested in transparency and traceability and in the feelings of being part of a supply chain,” says Felipe Guerrero, Daabon’s Sustainability Director.

The company prides itself on its partnerships. “We’re thrilled to be working with Daabon,” says Ana Paula Tavares, Executive Vice President of the Rainforest Alliance. “And I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to see the impact of our work on the ground. It is really exciting to not only see what they are doing, but also how committed they are to bringing others and influencing the industry to join them in their path of sustainability.”

Miss. Jones Baking Co is one such company. “We decided we needed to use palm oil to maintain shelf stability in our product but were initially concerned due the environmental and social issues the industry has,” says Sarah Jones, founder of Miss. Jones. “We actually went to visit [Daabon’s] facilities and headquarters in Colombia to learn more and walked away feeling incredibly fortunate that we could partner with a company with such an incredible commitment to sustainability, the environment and their employees and community.” This is especially important now because Daabon truly protects farmers, she says.

Daabon believes that just as important as the planet and the product, are the people. Sustainably grown palm protects the environment and keeps communities strong. Daabon spreads its message of empowerment by offering robust smallholder programs, which bring local farmers up to international organic and sustainable certification standards, which gives them access to a global market for their crops that they wouldn’t otherwise have. The planet, people and product are inextricably intertwined for Daabon’s goals. “We want to bring down the carbon that we emit to net zero by 2025 to be aligned with the biggest cry of the planet right now, which is climate change,” says Guerrero. “We want to be a good neighbor. We want to be a good employer. We want to make a business that lasts.”

Daabon’s mission is to grow, transform and sell top quality organic products. Daabon’s vision is to be recognized worldwide as a leading business group in organic and sustainable agricultural products with the highest quality and innovation standards. Daabon’s core value is respect for each human being, their culture and their habitat to ensure the fair and equitable growth of employees, partners, communities and customers.