Why Choose Sustainable Palm Oil

Once sidelined as an unhealthy option for people and planet, sustainable palm is making a comeback as new research and practices prove old ways of thinking wrong.

Pushing aside the fat-free fads of the past, healthy fats are now finding themselves back in the spotlight— for many good reasons. This is positive news for sustainable palm oil, which is redefining the palm landscape by turning the bad reputation of non-sustainable producers into another good story for both the health of people and the planet.

On the healthy planet front, these days, consumers are keenly focused on all things sustainable, even with the pandemic. According to research from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and New York University’s Center for Sustainable Business, 85% of people claim they have been thinking about product sustainability the same or even more during the pandemic, and in 90% of product categories, those that are sustainable are outperforming their conventional counterparts. Nowhere is this more important than with palm oil.

“Our company has been committed to sustainability for over 30 years,” says Felipe Guerrero, sustainability director at Daabon, the first certified organic palm producer and a leader in the sustainable palm movement. Now, more than ever, he says, “Our customers are interested in what it really means to be part of a responsible supply chain. When they buy a chocolate bar, they want transparency and traceability—and they want to be buying from a company with ingredients they can trust.”

Retail companies agree. “We and our customers feel it is incredibly important to use sustainable palm oil in our products,” says Sarah Jones, founder of Miss Jones Baking Co, which offers an innovative line of baking mixes and frostings that are organic, free of artificial flavors and hydrogenated oils, and are 100% responsibly sourced. “It not only benefits the planet but also the local communities. As palm oil has become more known as a healthier alternative to hydrogenated oils, its usage has skyrocketed.”